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What is a dental crown?

dental crowns and porcelain crowns with Lake Highlands dentists in Richardson TXA dental crown is a type of cap or covering that goes directly over a tooth. Dental crowns are a restorative dentistry service that is used to save teeth that have become too decayed or damaged.

Using dental crowns we can save teeth that are damaged or decayed enough that they would normally need to be extracted. Dental crowns help protect the tooth from future cavities and damage, and they preserve the tooth root to help your jaw stay strong.

The dental crowns that we use at our office near Lake Highlands and Garland look and function just like your regular teeth. Each tooth crown is made with beautiful porcelain to match your tooth’s natural color and translucence. We craft our crowns individually for each patient to make sure that they can bite normally and achieve perfect occlusion.

Each tooth crown is comfortable and functional. You can care for your porcelain crowns just like you care for your regular teeth. Floss them and brush them regularly.

The Tooth Crown Procedure

  • Before a porcelain crown can be placed, the dentist makes room for it on your natural tooth by shaving the tooth down. Your dentist will get rid of all the tooth damage and make sure your tooth root is preserved.
  • A mold will be taken of your teeth. Using that mold, our technicians will work to craft you a porcelain crown that will get you perfect occlusion every time.
  • Once the crown is prepared your dentist will install it over the damaged tooth. The tooth crown will protect the natural tooth and preserve the tooth root.

To find out more about our porcelain crowns, you can call our Richardson, TX office today if you have any questions. You can also come in to set up an appointment if you are in the Lake Highlands or Garland area. No matter how damaged your teeth are, Dr. Goad can use dental crowns to give you a confident, beautiful smile.

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