What Can be Done About a Missing Tooth?

February 17, 2017

Solution to a Missing Tooth

emergency-dental-careDentists have found technology that has greatly impacted the way missing teeth are fixed or filled in. There are many solutions to missing or broken teeth such as, dental bridges, dental implants or dentures. While these solutions may cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, they have proven to be well worth it, creating a white, realistic looking smile.

Dental bridges create a solution to replace an individual or single tooth that is missing in the mouth. It’s probably the most affordable and is well worth your money, but it’s not always the right solution based on the damage that may have occurred or even may occur in the future. We’ll explain that in more detail later.

Dental implants allow the space in between the teeth to become filled and permanent within the mouth. These implants have a very realistic look, and have proven to be durable over time.

Dentures have the ability to look and feel realistic, and when properly fitted and manufactured, they don’t look or feel much like the older versions of prosthetic teeth.

Is the Empty Space Left in the Teeth a Real Problem?

Dentists recommend the replacement of a missing tooth between the teeth as quickly as possible…and not because they just want the business. There is a real reason!

The space that’s left in the mouth, once occupied by a tooth can cause problems that may become more costly than a simple bridge or implant. When a space is left between the teeth, it begins to allow the teeth around it to shift and move, which they will do to try to fill up that space. This can result in several related issues, one of which is irregular spaces between your other existing teeth. Another long term issue if left alone too long, is the way that a missing tooth (or teeth) can affect the structure of your jaw bone, causing serious damage. This bone structure is critical to the rest of your mouth and bone damage can require surgery to correct the damage.

Because of this, you should quickly talk to your dentist about what can be done about missing or lost teeth in adults. Your oral health is very important to your overall health and dentists can recommend anything from dental implants to dentures after assessing your needs. Dental implants use a base that is inserted into the gums with a small incision that is virtually a painless procedure. Once the gums have healed around the implanted base, a tooth that is made like the one it is replacing is then installed.

Dental implants and dentures have proven over the years to be very durable for eating, very affordable, and will allow you to smile with self confidence, knowing that your smile looks just like it used to…or maybe better!

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